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Proudly Australian

Proudly Australian

Pricing Structures

Our trolleys are priced based on whether you would like to rent, lease or buy a trolley out-right. In deciding which of these 3 services will best suit your business, you should carefully consider cash flow and the on-going requirement for a nursery trolley. To help you with this decision we have described each of our services alongside. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to to contact us..

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Premium Trolley

Our Premium Trolley

Rent a Trolley

Rental provides cash flow and tax benefits and free exchange with other rental clients of the Shade Span Trolley. We offer flexible rental periods starting from 1 month up to 12 months.

Our Premium Trolley is available to rent and comes standard with 3 shelves with the option to rent additional shelves if necessary. Renting offers a flexible short term solution with no initial capital required or the hassle of on-going maintenance costs.

Did you know?

A regular rental agreement for one year is so favourable that if one staff member saves two minutes a day, this will pay for one day’s rental for one Premium Trolley.

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Buy Out-right

Buy Out-right

Buy Out-right

Our Premium and Econo Trolleys are available for outright purchase with discounts available for bulk orders. Each trolley comes standard with a base fitted with 4 wheels, 3 shelves and (8 x 1.1m uprights - Premium) or (4 x 2.2m uprights - Econo); with the option to purchase additional shelves if necessary.

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RentPremium Trolley

from$415per week
  • No initial Capital outlay
  • Flexible rental periods available
  • No maintenance costs

BuyPremium Trolley

from$68500once off
  • Made in Australia
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Additional shelves available

BuyEcono Trolley

from$25000once off
  • Low cost trolley
  • Additional shelves available

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